Search engine giant Google is all set to unveil its latest version of Android operating system, which will be called Android KitKat. The recent news comes as a surprise, as the company had earlier indicated that the version 4.4 of the operating system will be the Key Lime Pie.


Moreover, Google’s decision to brand its new software with the name of chocolate bar also came as a surprise and it seems like a marketing coup for the Swiss food and beverage maker Nestle. While talking to reporters, the company said that it came up with the idea and that neither side is paying the other. John Lagerling, the director of Android global partnerships said, “This is not a money-changing-hands kind of deal”.

On the other hand, Google’s idea was to do something which is fun and unexpected. Meanwhile, one branding expert stated that there were potential disadvantages to such a deal. Simon Myers, a partner at the consultancy Prophet said that if a brand is hooked up with the other, then one is inevitably associated with the other brand for good or for bad.

In the past, Nestle faced criticism for the way it promoted powdered baby milk in the developing world.

Photo Credits: CDNDS