After a long wait and many speculations, South Korean electronics manufacturing giant Samsung finally unveiled its Galaxy Gear, a wrist-worn device. The new smartwatch allows users to check messages and make phone calls, without having to touch their smartphones.

galaxy gear

The company’s latest device received mixed responses so far and many people are not entirely impressed by the unique device from Samsung. The major issue with the device is that it does not have any phone features of its own and does not even have a flexible display, which was disclosed in some of the leaked images. The device can receive or send calls, but it has to be wirelessly linked to a smartphone in order to do so, along with any other functions.

Some users also pointed out to the issue of Galaxy Gear’s 315mAh battery. Samsung said that the battery will last a day upon charging, but due to the fact that the device is actually a watch, the battery life as it is right now is not satisfactory. The limited compatibility of Galaxy Gear can also become one of the reasons for not achieving great success on the market.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3 will be launched in more than 140 countries on September 25, 2013.

Photo Credits: Phandroid