In recent times, Chinese movies have been struggling to lure fans from overseas. The films are constantly losing revenue overseas, despite the box office success in their home country. Luan Guozhi, the vice-president of State Film Bureau said that the box office receipts in 2013 reached 15 billion yuan by September 2013, while the revenue in 2012 was 17 billion yuan.

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Yuan was seen talking at a keynote forum at the 17th Beijing Screenings, an event intended to enhance cooperation and understanding between international and Chinese filmmakers. Yuan went on to say that he expects the box office returns for 2013 to reach 20 billion yuan, however, Chinese films are not well received among the overseas audience.

A good year for Chinese movies meant that they earned 3 billion yuan from the overseas audience, but normally the earning was around 1 billion yuan, which is less than the domestic receipts for certain films. A report from Beijing Normal University mentioned that 59 Chinese movies were released overseas in 2012, which is a 13 percent increase from 2011.

Luan said, “Many Chinese films do not deliver universal values, and suffer from loose structure and childish logic”. Stanley Rosen, the director of East Asian Studies Center said that the difference in culture is the main reason for the poor performance of Chinese movies overseas.

Photo Credits: Screen Daily