The biggest mobile carrier in Japan, Docomo is planning to sell Apple’s iPhone. The plan to start selling the popular phone in Japan has been made just a few days ahead of the expected launch of the US company's latest addition. The deal is in the final stages at the moment, as NTT Docomo and Apple are about to end their negotiations soon.


The latest decision has been made by NTT Docomo, after it lost millions of customers to its domestic rivals. The carrier is expected to begin selling the gadget as early as September 20, 2013. As the popularity of the iPhone increases, the Japan-based carrier is looking to take the advantage of its popularity by selling the devices of the US company and reversing years of lost business.

Docomo has about 42% of the Japanese market and has lost more than 3.5 million subscribers to its rivals since 2008. No comments were made so far by Apple Japan. The recent reports came after Apple itself is trying to revive its lost market share from its biggest rival Samsung. The recent reports have also fueled speculation that Apple has agreed to a deal to supply iPhone through China Mobile, which is the biggest carrier in the world.

Photo Credits: Yahoo