The Delhi fast-track court is all set to declare the sentence in the infamous Delhi gang rape incident that took place on December 16, 2013. The court has so far dictated a 240-page judgement and is yet to announce the sentence for the accused.

delhi gang rape

The accused in the case are held guilty on almost all charges, including rape, gang rape, kidnapping, murder, criminal conspiracy and destruction of evidence. This time, the court is not expected to show any mercy towards the suspects while pronouncing their fate.

If the court announces death penalty, the sentence will have to be ratified by the Delhi High Court and then the Supreme Court and will also be subjected to multiple reviews before it is carried out. The key eyewitness is the surviving friend of the victim and the dying declaration of the victim, on which the court is relying. Evidence in the case include DNA samples which are lifted from the crime scene, clothes of the accused and victim, the iron rod used in the attack and more.

This will also be the first time that dental records will be used to prove that bite marks on the body of the victim were left by the accused.

Photo Credits: The Hindu