The two main airports in the Tokyo metropolitan area are expected to get more departure and landing slots. The transport ministry of Japan said that the expansion will cover the expected growth in flight demand, after the country’s successful bid to host 2020 Olympics.

tokyo airport

The transport ministry is planning to increase the number of slots at Haneda and Narita airports to 750,000 per year as soon as fiscal 2014, compared with the current maximum of 680,000 flights. The ministry will gather a panel of academics, as well as experts to discuss measures to increase the slots.

One of the ideas includes building a new runway at Haneda and narrowing the time span between incoming and outgoing flights by allowing airplanes to fly over central Tokyo. The flying of airplanes is currently forbidden due to safety concerns. The ministry officials in Tokyo won the right to host the 2020 Olympics on September 7, 2013.

Two other cities also in the run for hosting the prestigious Games included Madrid and Istanbul. After winning the right to host the Games, this has prompted the need to develop infrastructure, including transportation. The countries of South Korea and Japan have also decided to forget their diplomatic differences in order to cooperate in the preparations for the upcoming Games.

Photo Credits: Tokyo Times