The iPhone excitement is not slowing down in Japan anytime soon, as Apple enthusiasts were seen queuing on September 11, 2013 to purchase the new handset. There is still one week to go before the latest iPhone is launched in Japan.


A businessman based in Japan started lining up outside the Apple store in Tokyo’s glitzy shopping district of Ginza on September 10, 2013, hours before the US giant unveiled its two new phones. The businessman Tetsuya Tamura, while talking to the reporters said, “I’m glad to have secured first place”. Tamura was seen sitting on a camping chair, tweeting on his iPhone 4 and adding the number of people following him on the microblog.

The number of people following him on Twitter has gone up to 1,000 since he began his adventure. The new iPhone is all set to go on sale in Japan on September 20, 2013. The US tech giant on September 10, 2013 unveiled its latest models to an expectant room in California.

The company is now offering its iPhone 5S, which is a slick new top-end model, along with the iPhone 5C, a low-end model which is aimed at budget-conscious customers across the globe.

Photo Credits: WP