Japan-based Kyushu Railway Company has unveiled the ¥3 billion Seven Star luxury sleeper train on September 13, 2013, ahead of its inaugural run on October 15, 2013. The event was held at a rolling stock factory in Kitakyushu and followed the signing a day earlier of the charter service contract a Hong Kong-based travel company.


This is the first overseas client for the new train, which has a stylized interior pieces and furnishings. The media was allowed by JR Kyushu to see the first three of the seven cars of the nation’s first cruise train. The train will depart from and terminate at Hakata Station in Fukuoka and will take passengers through the scenic spots in Kyushu as part of a one-night, two-day package, or a three-night and four-day package.

The first car in the train is a lounge, which is equipped with sofas and a bar and the second car is for dining. The train has a total of 14 compartments in cars three to seven, all equipped with a private shower and restroom.

The JR Kyushu president, Koji Karaike, at a signing ceremony said that he was ready to welcome foreign travelers. Karaike said that they want to expand their business with a view that the entire world is a potential customer.

Photo Credits: Amazon AWS