The officials in China have said that the Chinese green cards help to attract talent from abroad, as well as improve the interaction of the country with the world. In 2012, a larger number of Chinese permanent residency permits were issued, when compared to the previous years.

chinese green card

The head of the Ministry of Public Security’s Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration, Zheng Baigang, while talking to the press said that 1,202 permits were granted in 2012, which was up more than 83 percent from 2011. Of people who received the permits, more than half are family members who just came for a reunion and the rest were mostly professionals, professors and executives.

Most citizens were from Japan, Canada, United States, Australia and Germany and they mainly live in cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Zheng said, “The principle of China’s ‘green card’ regulation is to attract foreign talent to promote economic and social development and enhance international communication”. Applicants who have a higher education background and business experience are more likely to get the permits.

With the permit, citizens can get some privileges and more convenience in China. The privileges include social insurance and reduced work restrictions. The ministry and the Foreign Ministry are currently discussing the possibility to issue more permits.

Photo Credits: South CN