The Indian power minister Jyotiraditya Scindia recently announced that the government is ready to present devices which will help consumers to be aware of their electricity consumption throughout the day, as well as be able to adjust it accordingly. This will help consumers to have a control over their electricity bills.


The device will help consumers by informing them about the electricity rates at different times of the day. The government of India is preparing to set separate retail tariffs during peak and non-peak hours. Due to this, consumers will be able to have a control over their bills.

An official from the senior power ministry said, “India is a price sensitive market and if consumers are told that using electrical equipment during non-peak hours will cost less, they will definitely shift their usage accordingly. This will help the consumers in reducing their bills and the distribution companies in managing the rush thus preventing grid collapses”.

Scindia went on to say that the smart meters will also aide distribution companies in recognizing consumption patterns in their areas, as well as manage the demand volatility by redistributing load. Depending on what kind of specifications it has, the smart meter can cost up to Rs. 4,000, but the Indian government will launch a pilot scheme which will enable the meter to be priced almost 50% off the market price in 14 cities.

Photo Credits: AECT net