Game console manufacturing giant Nintendo on October 2, 2013 said that it will stop the production of its popular Wii console for the Japanese market. At the same time, the company confirmed that it will resume production as usual in international markets.


The recent decision has been made by the company in order to keep its focus on the upcoming devices. At the moment, Nintendo Wii console competes with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. A spokesperson from Nintendo said, “Our new generation Wii U console is already on the market and allows users to play software originally designed for the Wii”.

The spokesperson went on to say that this will also be part of the transition of the company’s products to brand new models. He also clarified that Nintendo will resume the production of the Wii consoles for the international markets, as well as the production of its cheaper version, Wii Mini. The Wii console was launched in 2006 and managed to sell more than 100 million units all over the world ever since.

The company managed to put an emphasis on family-oriented gaming with the Wii’s debut, which made use of wireless controllers equipped with accelerometers. Nintendo’s Wii U console was launched in 2012, but the lack of games faded its popularity among gamers.

Photo Credits: Wii U Turn