The Japanese southern island chain of Okinawa is expected to face a powerful Typhoon Fitow on October 5, 2013. Officials have said that flights had to be cancelled and power outages affected around 200 households in the area. The country's meteorological agency issued a warning of strong winds and heavy rains in Japan, Taiwan and China.


Japan's meteorological agency issued the risk of tornadoes just two weeks after Typhoon Usagi hit the region. The agency went on to say that at 6 pm, Fitow was about 160 kilometers southwest of Naha – which is the capital of Okinawa – and is moving slowly northwest.

The latest weather warnings led to the cancellation of flights of All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and the low-cost carrier Peach Aviation. The airlines confirmed that their flights have been cancelled due to the typhoon. The Dragonair of Hong Kong was another airline which confirmed the cancellation of its Okinawa flights.

The Okinawa Electric Power company said that due to strong winds and heavy rains about 200 households have lost electricity. The typhoon – which has been named after the flower from Micronesia – was heading towards Taiwan and its government said that the storm is likely to pass to the north of the island on October 6, 2013.

Photo Credits: Sawdis