Tokyo-based electronics manufacturing giant Panasonic has announced that it will release its digital cordless phone VE-GDW03DL. The company’s new device will enable the use of a smartphone as a sub-handset, thanks to a wireless internet connection. The latest device is expected to be launched in the local market on November 14, 2013.


The device will have a main phone set which works via wireless internet connection at home and links up with smartphones through an exclusive application, called Smartphone Connect for GDW03. The new phone can connect up to four devices as sub-handsets and the latest technology enables users to access their smartphone phone book in order to make calls through their fixed phone line.

The new VE-GDW03DL also provides more convenience and will even enable users to answer their home phone calls with their smartphones. The main device has a smartphone stand and USB terminal, which can help in charging your smartphone.

The company also explained that they have given preference to convenience of users, by providing features of a smartphone and also allowing consumers to get on the phone anywhere. Panasonic has thus come up with a product which is extremely convenient and allows answering phone calls from a fixed telephone line with the help of a smartphone.

Photo Credits: Panasonic