The Chinese government introduced new policies which will provide financial support to those people who are in need. The central government in China on October 8, 2013 announced that the new policy has been introduced in order to carefully watch the use of poverty-relief funds which will guard the interests of people in need.

china poverty

The funds will be ‘life-saving money’ meant for the poor people and the 'propelling force' which will help in developing regions severely hit by poverty. The regular executive meeting of the State Council, China’s Cabinet stated that the funds needs to be effectively supervised, in order to bring some results.

The latest audit reports state that poverty-relief funds have not been properly used by local governments, which is the result of not having enough supervision. The meeting was presided over by Premier Li Keqiang and concluded that people who misuse funds meant for benefiting and helping the poor must be severely punished and that the emphasis must be placed on utilizing the funds in the right way.

The meeting also discussed the issue that governments at different levels must make their duties clear, which means that county governments are entitled to approve poverty-relief projects, while city and provincial governments must give more importance to the supervision of poverty-alleviation funds.

Photo Credits: Global Times