US tech giant Apple on October 9, 2013 announced that it will be launching its latest iPhone models, the 5S and 5C in Thailand on October 25, 2013. This marks the company’s second phase of the launch of its latest devices and Thailand is among the 35 countries – including Europe and Asia – where the new phones will have their debut.


However, Thailand’s grey market already had the new models available ever since the time they were officially launched in the US. Apple said that the new iPhone 5S will be available in gold, silver or space grey and will be priced at 23,000 baht for the 16 GB version, 27,900 baht for the 32 GB model and 31,900 for the 64 GB variant.

The new 5C will be available in green, blue, pink, yellow and white, with a price tag of 19,900 baht for the 16 GB version and 23,900 baht for the 32 GB model. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S is also available in Thailand and is priced at 14,900 baht. People in the US usually purchase their phones via a mobile company. The phones are bought at an up-front lower price, but then they are locked into a regular, two-year contract and this is pricier than most Thai companies charge their customers.

In the US, the 5C model – which is the cheapest – is priced at $199 in up-front payment, but the buyer is then locked into a new wireless agreement.

Photo Credits: WP