South Korean giant Samsung has become the first company in the world to launch its latest smartphone with a curved display. Samsung launched its Galaxy Round on October 10, 2013 in South Korea, in order to keep its position in the increasingly saturated market intact. The Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch concave handset, which has been designed to fit the user's palm perfectly.


The latest device is now available in the South Korean market, but the company did not announce when it will be rolling out the new phone in other markets.  The new curved screens are reportedly lighter and thinner than the display panels which are currently used for devices.

The new device from Samsung is powered by Google’s Android system and features a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and will be priced at around 1.08 million won. South Korea’s top wireless operator, SK Telecom in a statementsaid, “The display (of Galaxy Round) is ergonomically shaped to fit the curve of a hand and comfortably embrace an ear and cheek during a phone conversation”.

The phone enables users to check various information, like missed calls, text messages and remaining battery life even easier than before when the screen is locked. The interesting part is that when users are listening to music, they can switch between songs and playlists by placing the phone on a flat surface and pressing down on left or right side in order to tilt the device.

Photo Credits: WP