Japan-based auto manufacturer Toyota on October 17, 2013 stated that it will proceed with a voluntary safety recall of its Camry and Avalon sedans and Venza SUVs. The company will be recalling 885,000 of its vehicles  in total – which are mainly distributed in North America – because of the air conditioning condenser unit housing issue.


The car models which are subject to recall are Camry Hybrid and Avlon Hybrid, which are manufactured between August 2011 and June 2013. The vehicles were placed on sale in countries including Canada, Middle East, United States, Europe, South Korea and China.

There is a possibility that water from the air conditioning condenser unit housing in those vehicles can leak onto the airbag control module, which can even cause a short circuit and lead to the airbag warning light's illumination. In some cases, the airbags can even get disabled or can deploy accidentally.

In order to solve the problem, the company will have to use a sealant and install a cover to the air conditioning condenser unit housing seam, which is placed above the air bag control module. So far, there are two reports of trouble due to the problem, as well as reports of small injuries. In recent times, the company has been criticised for constant recalls of its vehicles.

Photo Credits: Auto Evolution