The 2013 'Oishii Japan' food exhibition started on October 17, 2013 and over 200 companies will be showcasing Japan-based food and beverages in Singapore. The exhibition was started in order to promote Japanese products, as well as to explore business opportunities in Southeast Asia.


It is a three-day exhibition and companies related to food from the country's 26 prefectures are participating in the exhibition. The 'Oishii Japan' was launched in 2012 and has an aim to showcase food and beverages, as well as services and technologies for food production. More than 6,000 visitors are expected by the organizers in 2013, which is up from 5,000 visitors in 2012.

The exhibition was visited by food lovers from more than 20 countries. It has more than 230 exhibitors, out of which more than 90 percent are from Japan. The majority of companies are Japan-based, but some of them are prefectural governments and trade associations. Masanao Nishida, the director of the event said, “‘Oishii Japan’ aims to be a platform to bring together industry players who are keen to tap on the increasing popularity of Japanese food and beverages. It also helps to foster new collaborations for international cuisine”.

The number of restaurants in Singapore alone has gone up to 900 from 180 in the past five years.

Photo Credits: Straitstimes