US-based software giant Microsoft has pulled its update of Windows RT 8.1 from the Windows Store, after receiving multiple reports from Surface owners that they saw the Blue Screen of Death after they installed the update. It was stated that after installation, an error message appeared which notified users that their PC required repair and the Boot Configuration Data file was also missing some needed information.


A support representative from the company was asked why the update vanished and he explained that Microsoft was investigating a situation which affected a limited number of users who updated their Windows RT devices to Windows 8.1. Due to these recent problems, the update has been removed from the Windows Store for the time being.

The Windows RT devices which are affected are said to be useless without the necessary configuration data. Many online users have posted solutions for recovery, but they are lengthy procedures and are unlikely to be used by most people. At present, Microsoft is the only company which offers Widows RT devices.

Many companies like Dell, Asus, Lenovo and Samsung dropped their Windows RT tablet – the XPS 10 – from their lineup. In September 2013, the US giant announced the next generation of its Surface tablets, which run on Windows 8.1 RT.

Photo Credits: SB Nation