The premier of China, Li Keqiang on October 21, 2013 stated that the nation’s economy will witness a good ending in 2013, which will enable it to start 2014 on a positive note. The latest comments were made by the premier while he was briefing representatives to the 16th national congress of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

china ecnomy

Li also promised to carry out reforms and make sure that new jobs are created during the stabilization of the country's economic growth. He went on to say that macroeconomic policies will continue to balance structural reforms and growth. On further assurance, the premier said, “We are confident of achieving the main targets of economic and social development thisyear”.

The emphasis was placed on the continuation of a proactive employment policy in order to create more opportunities in the job market. Additional measures will be taken so as to better the income of rural migrant workers and the promotion of employers' social security

At the same time, the premier warned that risks and challenges will still remain, which might weaken the economic recovery. The economic indicators in the third quarter have showed the best picture of 2013. According to economists, the leadership will prefer to maintain the current monetary financial policies.

Photo credits: 4th Media