South Korean giant LG Electronics on October 28, 2013 revealed a curved screen smartphone. With the introduction of its latest device, the company has given a tough competition to Samsung in a niche market which will feature fully flexible products in the near future.


However, contrary to the name, the new G-Flex cannot be bent, but it has a flexible OLED which helps in producing the curved six-inch display. Park Jong-Seok, the president of LG’s mobile unit said that the new model is the best representation so far of how a smartphone can be curved. On the other hand, LG’s main rival Samsung started selling its Galaxy Round handset earlier in October 2013 and the company’s device is a 14.5-inch smartphone with a display which curves from side to side in order to fit the contour of the hand.

Meanwhile, LG said that the G-Flex is curved on the vertical axis, which enables it to follow the contour of the face. Curved displays are already available commercially in large screen TVs sold by Samsung, as well as LG. The new displays are expected to offer more immersive viewing experience, but they are also much more expensive than standard screens.

The price of the new G-Flex has not been revealed, but it will be available for the South Korean customers as of November 2013.

Photo Credits: Mobile Mag