The top court in China has ordered other courts in the country to maintain their independence and also advised them to stay away from the pressure imposed by local governments and other departments. The Supreme People’s Court on October 28, 2013 said that court rulings should not be influenced by relationships, money or administrative power.

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This is essential to maintain so that courts are independent and have the ability to be just. The statement went on to say that courts in the country must handle cases according to laws and that laws should not be broken for any reason. Hu Yunteng, the director of the research department under the top court said, “Judges must strictly abide by laws in handling cases and cannot break these laws for any reason”.

Hu went on to say that handling cases under laws can improve judicial credibility, which is not a slogan. The director also said that people now want them to remove obstacles, before the judgement is given. Moreover, in recent times, several scandals happened due to wrongful judgement, so it is the court’s obligation to improve its accountability system.

The top court will soon be publishing a guideline in order to avoid unjust judgement in critical cases.

Photo Credits: China Daily