The country of China is facing a grave pollution problem, due to which the government is planning to accelerate the introduction of legislation which is connected to environmental protection and resource management. The Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress’ has revealed a five-year legislative agenda on October 30, 2013.

china pollution

The agenda has shown that the top legislature needs to review 11 draft laws and amendments related to environment. The legislative plan – which was drafted five years ago – had only seven laws and amendments in the environmental protection category. There are over 170 members on the standing committee, which was elected in March 2013.

Following the formation of a new committee, it creates a legislative plan for the upcoming five years. Zhai Yong, the director of the legislation department said, “The rise (of draft laws) in this category shows the top legislature’s great concern for environmental protection and resource management”. Yong went on to say that China urgently needs to protect its environment. The number of laws related to the environment is higher than in the previous legislative agendas and they also deal with more specific problems.

The situation in the country will soon reach its peak, as the winter has begun and smoggy weather, toxic soil and polluted ocean water have created problems in recent weeks.

Photo Credits: China Org