The premier of China, Le Keqiang recently spoke about implementing modern technologies to the country’s agriculture. Keqiang said that the development of agriculture in China depends on reform. The premier also said that the reform of agriculture must respect the innovation, as well as ensure willingness of farmers in the country.


The most significant purpose of reform is to enable the well-being of farmers, in addition to improving their lifestyle. Li made these remarks while he was traveling to Fuyuan county, Heilongjiang province on November 5, 2013. While in Fuyuan, the premier of China inspected cornfields, a farm machinery center and also spoke with tractor drivers.

Li then encouraged them to make an effort to increase production and also said that the reform in China three decades ago was initiated by the agricultural sector. Li said, “Now, standing on a new phase of social development, agricultural reform remains important.”

The premier also said that there might be many ways to ensure the success of the reform and even farmers must take the initiative to find new ways which can best fit local conditions. Li visited villages and went through tractors and other agricultural equipment in order to measure the scope of improvements.

Photo Credits: Bloomberg


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