Consumers in China who are looking to buy luxury items are becoming increasingly sophisticated in recent times. The country’s luxury consumers now demand unique products and also expect professional services.


It is well known that Chinese tourists are big supporters of the international luxury market, but the actual reasons behind the overseas trips of those consumers who are seeking to purchase luxury items are experiencing a change. Shou Yu-ying, the managing director and senior vice-president at Ruder Finn China – which is a public relations firm – said, “Finding unique items not available in their home country and buying products in the brands’birthplaces are the main motivations for Chinese luxury consumers who buy items overseas,not just the lower prices”.

Yu-ying went on to say that Chinese customers are becoming more knowledgeable about the various luxury categories and these are the signs that the market is maturing. The 2014 China Luxury Forecast observed that about 92 percent of Chinese consumers were not satisfied with the luxury brands at home and over 1,800 luxury customers were polled from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

Shou also said that the main complaints from Chinese luxury consumers were lack of knowledgeable employees and poor customer service. It is noticed that the luxury consumption is flowing from China to overseas.

Photo Credits: China Daily


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