Dutch-based electronics manufacturer Royal Philips has launched its ‘Innovations That Matter to You’ campaign in the Philippines. The new campaign by the company will encourage people from all walks of life to provide their ideas on how to address the most important problems of the country today. The problems include the necessity for livable cities, easier access to healthcare solutions and proper nutrition for families.


The campaign was initially launched in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea and now it has been launched in the Philippines in order to comply to the goal of the company, which is to provide people with meaningful and significant solutions which can help in improving the overall quality of their lives. Moreover, the aim of the campaign is to seek leverage on technology, which is an important tool that can make life better for everyone

Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, the country manager of Philips in the Philippines said, “The Philips Innovations campaign is a call for people to innovate, to combine their ingenuity with technological resources, to develop health and well-being solutions that can benefit the public, especially those belonging to marginalized sectors”. Users can submit their ideas on innovation on the Innovations campaign official website.

The ideas have to be realistic, meaningful and have to fall under one of the three idea categories provided by the company. A panel of experts will then choose six ideas which will meet the company’s objective of creative positive change.

Photo Credits: Apples and Dumplings