In recent times, food mislabeling issues are increasing on a regular basis in Japan. The minister for consumer affairs and food safety, Masako Mori has urged service industry members – including the biggest hotels and department stores – to submit a report.

food mislabelling

The service industry members have to submit a report within one month describing what preventive measures they will be taking in order to make sure that similar issues do not happen again in the future. Moreover, the Consumer Affairs Agency has decided to schedule a meeting with important government agencies to discuss measures which will help in dealing with the problem.

So far, the minister has been in contact with five industry groups, including the Japan Hotel Association and the Japan Department Store Association. Mori has asked these firms to submit a report within a month and to describe preventive measures, as well as their intention to follow up.

On the other hand, Fujiya Co – confectionery manufacturer – is the latest company to be involved in the scandal. The company said that it had served processed meat, which was labelled as steak at 63 restaurants in Japan. In recent times, the Asian country has been under major controversy when it comes to its food industry, including baby infant formula issues.

Photo Credits: Want China Times