Gaming enthusiasts in Japan might be feeling disappointed these days, as they will not be able to enjoy next-gen consoles at home during this Christmas season. While users in North and South America, Europe, UK and Australia will be enjoying their new devices, gamers in Japan will not be able to have the new consoles and will have to play with their current consoles.


The decision made by Sony and Microsoft to give preference to the Western territories for the launch of their highly-anticipated consoles makes sense, as the Christmas season accounts for about 30% to 40% of annual video game sales. The Western markets are considered to be the most lucrative markets, but reports in Japan have suggested that the decision might harm users’ perception of Sony in particular.

Some loyal fans of Sony said that they feel that the company is not taking things seriously anymore. It was announced earlier that Japan will be one of the last territories to see the launch of the new consoles and the news came as a disappointment to gamers in the country, especially because of the fact that the land actually produces the PlayStation brand.

The gamers in Japan think that Sony is not giving its customers the respect they feel they deserve.

Photo Credits: Game Thirst


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