The emergency medical team from Japan has started a number of activities in the typhoon-hit Tacloban in the Philippines. Dr. Joji Tomioka, the deputy head of Japan’s disaster relief team said that for a disaster of this scale, the entire nation has to come together to provide help.


Dr. Joji said, “The degree of damage is worse than we expected”. Medical institutions in the area were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, due to which treatment of victims has been affected. Moreover, medical emergency teams from all over the world have been slow to arrive at the remote location and concerns are rising over poor hygiene, which is caused by rubble and uncleared garbage.

Tomioka went on to say that barely any medical assistance has been provided until now and that there are concerns about respiratory and other infections, in addition to the spread of diseases like dengue fever.

The medical team comprised of 25 members carried medicines and equipment for blood tests and X-rays to the city center in order to begin a temporary medical and surgical clinic, as well as pharmacy for victims. Patients coming to the temporary clinic were people with infected wounds and people who did not have medicines for chronic illnesses. About 40 people have received medical assistance from the Japanese government.

Photo Credits: CDN