The research firm eMarketer on November 19, 2013 stated that an estimated 1.61 billion people – which is more than one in five on a global scale – will log in to their social networking accounts at least once a month during 2013. The study mentioned that the number has increased to 14.2% from 2012 and the number will continue to grow to 2.33 billion by 2017.

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The research firm also said that the highest penetration of users is registered in the Netherlands, at 63.5%. Norway came in second at 63.3% and was followed by Sweden at 56.4%. A high number of residents in Canada and the UK were also active on social networking sites. The report from the research firm is based on the government agencies, media outlets and company reports.

The survey also mentioned that the 1.61 billion figure translates to 22% of the estimated population in the world. In 2013, India is witnessing the highest growth of 37.4%, but only 7.7% of the population uses social networks. The research firm went on to say that the number in Indonesia is also expected to rise 28.7%, while Mexico will see an increase of 21.1%.

Facebook is considered to be one of the biggest social networks in the world and all three of these countries – India, Indonesia and Mexico – represent high-growth areas for the social networking giant.

Photo Credits: CIO


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