Search engine giant Google will soon be offering a prepaid debit card, which will enable customers to buy goods at stores, as well as take cash from ATM machines. For now, the new card will be available in the US market only and will allow customers to access the funds, which are kept in their own Google Wallet accounts.


Google Wallet is an app and online payment service which will enable consumers to not only buy goods, but also transfer money between themselves. The new Wallet card by Google will be accepted at a number of locations which accept MasterCard, as well as at various ATM machines.

The search engine on its official blog said that the card is free and the company will not ask cardholders to pay any monthly or annual expenses. The company’s plans for a Google consumer credit card were nixed earlier in 2013 when the head of Google’s Wallet and payments group, Osama Bedier decided to leave the company in May 2013.

Users of Google Wallet can add money to their Wallet Card simply by linking it to a bank account, or when someone else transfers money to the Wallet account. The new card can be ordered online and it will take about 10 to 12 days to process the order.

Photo Credits: TCtechcrunch