The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Shariff said that the country has launched the construction of the biggest atomic power plant in Pakistan. The PM went on to say that the country will try to pursue additional projects in order to make nuclear the biggest energy source.


The plant – which is yet to be built – will be a 2,200-megawatt construction and will be made with Chinese technical assistance on the Arabian sea coast at Paradise Beach, which is located 40 kilometers west of Karachi. Meanwhile, Pakistan already has three nuclear plants which are operational and produce a total of around 740 MW of power.

Work on the fourth plant has already begun, in addition to the one being launched on November 26, 2013. With more power plants in the country, the government of Pakistan is hoping that this will offer a low-cost solution to the power cuts, which are also known as ‘loadshedding’. Shariff, while talking to the audience at the plant site said, “This is one of the first steps of our goal of racing towards a loadshedding-free Pakistan”.

The World Nuclear Association released its estimate and stated that the new project will cost nearly $10 billion. Engineers from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission will work on the project with the China Atomic Energy Authority.

Photo Credits: Asianews


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