US-based software giant Microsoft recently acknowledged that users of the new Xbox One console are facing problems with the disc drive. The latest next-gen console issues have been nicked-named ‘the blue light of death’ and ‘the disc drive of doom’.

xbox one

Some gamers are facing these issues and Microsoft assured them that it will provide a replacement to users who have reported consoles which do not read discs. The company also confirmed that issue is being reported by a small number of users.

The company went on to say that it will give away one free downloadable game from Microsoft Game Studios along with the replacement. On the other hand, Sony Corp. – during the launch of the PS4 in November 2013 – announced that it will be replacing the units for less than one percent of gamers whose consoles have malfunctioned. Reports said that Sony’s console displayed a pulsating blue light and the problem is known as ‘the blue light of death’.

One of the owners of the Xbox One experienced a faulty disc drive, but stated that he can still play the downloadable games until the replacement arrives. Some users have complained that their consoles are completely unresponsive. Sony and Microsoft have assured that they are working towards solving these problems.

Photo Credits: Guardian