There is some good news ahead for people who are bold and have problems with navigation, as a gadget which can solve both problems is now finally here. The new gadget is a wig which has the ability to read the wearer’s brainwaves and show them direct destination of their choice with on-board GPS.


The SmartWig from Japan might just be the most unusual gadget in the wearable gadget segment to date. The device is known as the Presentation Wig and will have the ability to remotely control a laser pointer from the head piece. Users of this strange wig will be able to move forward through a slideshow by tugging the right side of it and go back by tugging its left sideburn.

Meanwhile, the Navigation Wig can use GPS in order to communicate to satellites and guide users to their destination with the help of small vibrations on various parts of the head. The device can also track body temperature and record images and sounds to enable users to playback their day.

A spokeswoman from Sony said that patents for the SmartWig have already been submitted in the European Union and the United States, but there are no plans to commercialize the product for the time being.

Photo Credits: Yahoo