US-based company Netomat has created a new Spotliter app for sharing videos online. Even though Instagram’s popularity is on the rise, an application which offers similar filters for video has not been made yet. However, there is hope for all video-sharing lovers with the latest Spotliter app.

spotliter 1

For the time being, the app is available just for iOS devices and it enables users to add filters to their videos, in addition to adding highlights or spotlights to certain parts of the frame. The app also features a good magnifying filter, which will allow users to blow up any particular part of the frame. The size of the spot in question can be easily increased and decreased by simply pinching on the screen.

Kris Ramanathan, the CEO and co-founder of Netomat said that the aim was to make it easy for average users to create beautiful videos with effects that look professional. He said, “The netomat team, in particular our Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Maciej Wisniewski, has been developing innovation in image and video processing and effects for several years now”.

Ramanathan has a significant experience in building and delivering mobile products. The CEO further explained that when mobile devices improved, they built Jollyfy which created videos with personalized themes and overlays. It is a hybrid offering for an iPhone app front end.

Photo Credits: Softpedia


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