Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed in his newly leaked documents on December 9, 2013 that spies who are disguised as fantasy characters are making their way through online games. His latest revelation claims that elves, orcs and other fictional characters which are supposed to be players, might in fact be US and British spies.


The documents were released through ProPublica, the New York Times and the Guardian. There is also a possibility that intelligence agents might have gone undercover in some online multi-player shooter games and the chances for this are higher on Microsoft’s Xbox One Live Internet community for players. The top secret National Security Agency documents – which are dated around five years – state that “GVEs (games and virtual environments) are an opportunity!”

The document notes, “We know that terrorists use many feature rich Internet communications media for operational purposes, such as email, VoIP, chat, proxies and web forums, and it is highly likely they will be making use of the many communications features offered by games and virtual environments.” The report also mentioned that online game worlds are private meeting places which can be used by groups for planning and training purposes.

In order to provide a good reasoning, the ‘America’s Army’ shooter game was made by the US military and can be downloaded for free at its recruiting website.

Photo Credits: Global Fncstatic