Auto giant Nissan India announced on December 9, 2013 that it will start selling its entire range of cars online. This will also mark the first time that an auto company in India will be selling its vehicles through e-commerce.


Nissan released a statement which said, “Customers will be able to book their cars by making payments through an online gateway by credit card. The car will then be delivered to the customer by their nearest Nissan dealership when ready”. Nitish Tipnis, the director of Hover Automotive India – which is Nissan’s national sales company – explained that today, the majority of car buyers first go online before they make a decision.

Tipnis went on to say that the goal is to simplify the purchase cycle and increase the convenience of customers by making the whole sales journey faster and much more efficient, with no compromise regarding the service. He also said that the company will introduce new and attractive deals in order to attract online buyers.

Other car makers in India – including Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai India – do not sell their cars online, but utilize the online medium in order to convert queries into offline sales at their dealerships. Nissan sells a range of vehicles in India, including mid-sized sedan Sunny, Micra hatchback, Nissan Evalia (MPV), SUV X-Trail and the compact SUV Terrano.

Photo credits: Rushlane


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