Indian mobile phone manufacturer Micromax has managed to become one of the toughest competitors in the country when it comes to mobile phones in the past five years. With this kind of success in the mind, the company is thinking of expanding its offer to the global market. As of January 2014, Micromax will begin selling its phones in Russia and they will be released in Romania soon after.


Earlier, the company made an attempt to enter the Brazilian and the Middle Eastern markets with some of its basic phones, but it did not succeed in building the scale. Neil Mawston, the UK-based executive director at Strategy Analytics said, “Operators worldwide are already flooded with choices from other low-cost Asian Android smartphone players”.

From July 2013 until September 2013, the company sold 6.8 million phones, including 2.2 million smartphones and it is on its way to surpass the $1 billion in sales in the financial year which ends in March 2014. Micromax was able to bring smartphones to a price-sensitive market where the dominance of basic handsets is still present.

Micromax also introduced dual-SIM phones and Rahul Sharma, the co-founder of the company said that he got the idea for a dual-SIM handset when he saw his cook using three SIM cards. Micromax will begin international offerings in the Rs. 15,000 and higher price range, where brand is more important to customers.

Photo Credits: Rediff


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