The defense ministry of India owns ‘Netra’, which is an internet spy system that has the ability to capture suspicious voice traffic passing through software, including Skype or Google Talk. The device is currently being tested by the Intelligence Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat of the country.


The new system will be deployed by all security agencies in India and can discover words such as ‘attack’, ‘bomb’, ‘blast’ or ‘kill’ in real time from status updates, tweets, instant messaging transcripts, blogs, forums, as well as internet calls. The ‘Netra’ system will be launched by the government soon.

The system will detect all these words within a few seconds from status updates, instant messaging, tweets and emails. The note from the government explained that the specifications of the ‘Netra’ system can be taken as frozen, after tests from the Intelligence Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat. The system can also be considered for offering multiple user access to security agencies.

The device in question is a light-weight, autonomous UAV which is used for surveillance and reconnaissance operations. The ‘Netra’ has been developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization’s Research and Development Establishment and IdeaForge, which is a private firm from Mumbai.

Photo Credits: FBCDN