Asia Bizz: India and Pakistan PM’s talk about restarting peace dialogue

The Prime Ministers of both the countries met at the Annual General Meeting of the SAARC, in the hopes to restart the peace talks, which was ended with the Mumbai Terror Attacks. It took 75 minutes for both the sides to rethink and state to make more engagements to make talks more possible.

SAARC India and Pakistan

To make the talks more subtle the PM Manmohan Singh talked about how the Muslim people were responsible in the making of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, he pointed out to Mr. Gilani, who himself is a part of a Sufi ancestral blood. Having common ancestry is a great hope of settling things out, the SAARC committee feels.

SAARC also paid more attention towards climate change and feels that the countries like India, Pakistan and Bhutan having the most amounts of glaciers, they should tackle out a solution to protect its melting rate.


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