Asia Bizz: Google Is Celebrating It’s 12th Birthday, And Still Growing

Google is celebrating its 12th birthday today, and there is no halting for Google now, it is still growing progressively. The Google logo today is birthday cake with ‘Google’ written on it, just as a small child is presented a birthday cake to him on his birthday, with a small candle lighting on it and is about to blow it anytime.

The cake logo is the creation of the American painter, Wayne Thiebaud. Google has made a bench mark in technological history, where very few have managed to reach, and without any doubt Google is consistently still growing. Google is today the worlds largest search browser and there is no portal or website in the world that can provide more search results and information than Google.

There is a small issue with today’s date, it seems that 27th Sept. is not the exact date of Google, but rather it is sometimes celebrated on the 7th of Sept. But what ever it is we should consider this month as a special month for Google, as it has successfully existed on the web for 12 years now, and it has gained so much popularity that almost every person on earth knows what ‘Google’ is.