Asia Bizz: Nintendo To Unveil Hand Held 3D Gaming Console ‘3DS’ In February 2011

Nintendo Co. will be launching a hand held 3D gaming console in the month of February 2011. There were huge expectations by the Japanese gaming giant, that they would be coming with the latest hand held console during the festive season at the end of this year. The latest device will be called the Nintendo 3DS which is successor to the DS console.

The new device will be out on sale in the month of February 2011, and will be priced at 25,000 yen or somewhere around $300 in the Japanese market. The 3DS will be available for sale in the US in the month of March. The President of the company Satoru Iwata, did not state anything about the timing of the launch.

Speculators had said that the company would be postponing the launch and pushing it further down the year 2011, but nothing as such has happened. As the market is getting crowded with hand held consoles and especially Sony with its latest upgrade in the PSP2, Nintendo had to hurry with the launch of its 3D console.


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