Asia Bizz: Venture Infotek Taken Over By Atos Origin

Atos Origin has bought over Venture Infotek, and reports state that 100% of all the shares of Venture Infotek now belong to Atos Origin.

Venture Infotek is one of the biggest and main companies that deals in processing card payments, credit and debit cards, acquisition cards at merchants. Besides this, Venture Infotek provides service to banks, and many government programs. and it is operated from many big cities all across India.

atos origin buys venture infotek

Venture Infotek has around 500 people employed on the form as for now since Atos Origin takes over, the last three years of the company has seen an average growth of around 25%.

Around six top banks in India are using Venture Infotek successful for many years.

Reports say that Venture Infotek now will undergo its integration with Atos Worldline.
Atos Origin deals with Transactional Services for High Technology (HTTS) along with electronic payments.