Japan-based auto manufacturer Honda confirmed that it is phasing out its flagship Accord sedan from the Indian market. The recent decision has been made by the company due to weak demand and poor sales in the country. Instead, Honda will be concentrating on the higher volume of smaller models, as it aims on becoming a stronger player across India.


Jnaneshwar Sen, the senior vice president for marketing and sales at Honda Cars India said, “We have stopped production of the current eighth-generation of Accord in India.” Sen went on to say that it is their flagship brand and that they will be looking at the next generation of the sedan for customers in India. Honda is yet to unveil launch details of the new model.

The sales of the Accord model in India have not been satisfactory due to the absence of a diesel variant and customers kept shifting their preference to luxury German brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz, which are offering similarly priced models in the country.

Honda Cars India sold only 272 units of the Accord in the first eight months of the financial year. In addition to that, the company sold a total of 11,492 units of the eighth-generation Accord since it was launched in the summer of 2008.

Photo Credits: EV World