Online search giant Google is continuing to expand its initiative to popularize the usage of its Chromebook laptops in Indian schools and the company will be starting its project with a pilot in fours schools in the country’s state Andhra Pradesh. Google is planning to give away 25 Chromebooks to each school at the very beginning and will also provide training to teachers and instructors on how to use the necessary software applications.

Google expanding Chromebook program in Indian schools


The state’s minister for information technology, Ponnala Lakshmaiah said, “The school instructors will teach core subjects using applications and software. We believe with interactive learning, the student will understand better and will take interest in the subjects.” An internet connection is required in order for the Chromebooks to be used and the majority of the data are stored on the online search giant’s storage network, which is connected to the internet. Earlier in December 2013, Samsung unveiled a Chromebook laptop made specifically for India.

Schools are one of the most important market segments for the Chromebooks and Google is running its program in around 3,000 schools all over the US, Malaysia and Singapore. A Google executive who is familiar with the development and requested not to be named confirmed that the company is planning to expand its program to India next.

The company’s pilot project is set to begin in January 2014, in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh department of information technology.

Photo Credits: Bloomberg