Search engine giant Google has marked New Year’s Eve 2013 with a disco-themed Doodle on its homepage. The company’s homepage features a colorful animation with digits which make up 2013 dance on a flashing dance floor which resembles the one from the 1970s.

google doodle

The number four – which depicts the upcoming 2014 – can be seen smiling and waiting patiently in the shadows on the right side of the dance floor. The letter ‘o’ from the Google logo is replaced with a spinning disco ball which hangs over the dancing digits while speakers are pumping out music.

When users click on the final Google Doodle of 2013, it takes them to a page which lists the New Year’s Eve events and news stories about various celebrations to see in 2014. A link found below the search box takes users to an interactive version of Google Zeitgeist 2013, which has a list of the biggest events and the most popular search terms in 2013.

The design chosen for 2013 is quite simple compared to the Doodle in 2012, which featured a detailed picture combining the best Doodles of the year. Google is known for designing some of the most creative and interesting Doodles on various occasions, anniversaries and birthdays of noteworthy people across the globe.

Photo Credits: NDTV