Auto giant Nissan revealed its version of the London’s famous black taxi on January 6, 2014. For the time being, the market is dominated by Geely, the China-based company. Nissan states that the new vehicles will be much cleaner than the current diesel taxis which are being used in London.

black cab#

The new Nissan black taxi is powered by a 1.6 liter petrol engine. The company said, “The NV200 cab for London is part of Nissan’s global taxi program, which also encompasses New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. The London version’s design is bespoke, reflecting the rich heritage and status of London’s black cabs”. Nissan first revealed the cab in August 2012.

Since then, the company has received some feedback from the office of Mayor Boris Johnson, after which certain changes have been made to the vehicle and it has been redesigned so that it closely resembles the ‘face’ of the black cab. The new vehicle features larger headlights and a prominent taxi sign, as well as a big front grille. The new black cab from Nissan adheres to all the strict regulations regarding the black cabs of London.

The vehicles are officially known as Hackney Carriages and include a 25-foot turning circle. The latest Nissan vehicles will go on sale in London in December 2014 for £30,000.

Photo Credits: India Mart


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