In 2015, output in the global 3D printing industry is expected to reach 3.7 billion US dollars. The prediction given by Wohlers Associates stated that by 2019, the global 3D printing industry output is set to reach $6.5 billion and $10.8 billion in 2021.

3d print

These days, 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular, with a tendency to develop even further in the upcoming years. Even in the International CES – which features the latest technologies in CE industry – the new printing technology has become a hot favorite and a special exhibition zone has been set up for 3D printing companies.

Gary Shapiro, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) President and CEO said, “3D printing existed in the show with only one or two companies last year. Now we have a wholearea that has been sold out three times”. So far, 28 companies have joined the special exhibition zone and will showcase their latest products.

For the time being, 3D printing is extremely expensive for mass application, when compared with traditional manufacturing ways. However, experts believe that the cost will be reduced gradually as technology improves. Shapiro went on to say that 3D printing is becoming increasingly affordable and every new technology is expensive at the beginning. At the moment, there are thousands of free applications of 3D printing and consumers have started buying 3D printers.

Photo Credits: TTGT Media