The top economic planning body of China announced that it has completed the final revision of the nation’s urbanization plan. The authorities in China are waiting for approval from the State Council before proceeding further.

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The head of the economy planning department of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Xu Lin said on January 22, 2014 that the NDRC has turned in the draft urbanization plan to China’s Cabinet. The draft has been submitted after adding suggestions which were asked from government agencies and experts on the Urbanization Working Conference of the central government in December 2013.

Previous media reports claimed that the State Council is likely to approve the plan before Lunar New Year. The country is now looking to have another round of urbanization, which will put an emphasis on small and medium-sized cities, instead of creating mega-cities.

China is also trying its best to boost GDP growth and narrow the regional gap. In order to deal with financial burdens caused by the possible flux of migrant workers and non-local urbanites, the plan has asked enterprises and individuals to share the cost. The plan will also help the country to gradually nurture many of the city clusters.

Photo Credits: Yahoo