Indian dairy giant Amul debuted a brand new milk ATM at the Amul Dairy gate at Anand in Gujarat. The company is claiming that this is the first milk ATM to be introduced in the country.

milk atm

Rahul Kumar, the MD of Amul Dairy in Gujarat said that this kind of concept has been tried for the first time in India. Kumar said, ‘The milk pouches are kept in the automatic dispensing machine which also keep milk pouches chilled under 4 degrees’.

The ATM has been named Any Time Milk ATM, which has the capacity to store 150 pouches of 300 ml milk. The milk is priced at Rs. 10 per pouch. The dairy giant said that the move has been made in order to help daily workers, construction workers and street vendors who return from their work late in the evening. This way, people can have access to fresh milk at their convenience as the machine is operational 24 hours a day.

The ATM has been designed so that it can detect just Rs. 10 currency note and after it receives the note, one pouch is dispensed from the machine’s bottom. If the first machine becomes a success, the company is planning to install five more machines at various locations, including railway stations, bus stations, entry of the city and near student hostels.

Photo Credits: Hindu Businessline